Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Birthday Party

No, no. Although Rock may be the size of a one year old, time is not flying quite that quickly. This was not his first birthday but merely the first birthday party that Rock attended. We cannot believe that little Sophia is already a year old!
Rock and Fix loved wearing their birthday party hats to help Miss Sophia celebrate the big 0-1!
Here the birthday girl awaits her cake in perhaps the cutest birthday hat ever made!
Although Dave and Natalie are only interested in getting a family picture you can see that Sophia's fist remains tightly clamped around her piece of cake. Now that she's had a taste of sugar she is not going to share it with mom and dad!
You know the party was a success when you fall asleep on the way home with with a yellow balloon in your hand.


Material Girl said...

Ooooooooooook...that last picture is to die for. You have the CUTEST baby! (and the most stylish nursery...)

Elizabeth said...

But what I want to know is if Sophia was like most one year olds whose parties I've been to. Did she have a complete and utter meltdown at some point?

Robert said...

Can I have a red balloon?

Beck said...

Need. More. Nursery. Pics. STAT!

Rachel said...

i agree..more pics please. Love the geometric black and it love it love it! did you make it?