Friday, February 29, 2008

Yay for a Yellow Outfit!

As I think I have said before, Rock likes to lay on the floor. Especially in this fun yellow outfit (which is HUGE on him in every way except for length). Especially when he has his educational Spanish-speaking crab (a gift from Aunt Bethany) to play with and gnaw on. See below... video
Some more happy kicking...


Finally, a Johnny Jump-up video. Thank you Nancy and Duncan for letting Rock borrow this fun 'toy.'



Rohal Call said...

Very sweet and happy boy. It was great just to hear your voice again too. :o)

RB said...

I wish I had a educational spanish-speaking crab.... those are hard to come by.

Richard said...

I had a chitinous Spaniard teach me quite a bit when I was a kid too.