Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rainy Day

"WHAT?! You wanna go out in THIS weather?!?"
"Yeah, even though I've got this raincoat on, I'm not so sure about going outside in the rain"
"Oh. Dad's going to be there?!
I'm in!"
p.s. There is something about this picture that makes me think of my baby pictures. Does anyone else think he looks like me here or am I still hoping against hope that this child will bear some resemblence towards his mother?


Robert said...

Well, its official. Rock has passed through the "blob" stage, and has real honest to goodness human expressions on his face now.

Welcome to the world of emotional transparency till you learn the art of artifice my dear boy... learn it soon and learn it well!

Elizabeth said...

There's definitely something about him that does not look 100% like Stephen's baby pictures, so it's probably a resemblance to you.

He is getting cuter by the day and I can't believe how much older he looks since we saw him in January.

los wagner said...

good luck with the whole 'kids looking like you' thing. i've birthed two john clones...and one's a girl! see you soon.......