Thursday, March 5, 2009


Someone loves to 'read' books. When he started 'reading' out loud, his father came up with the genius idea to teach him the alphabet (seriously, the thought never crossed my mind - can I win most clueless parent of the year?).
We started working on the letters with a few of our books and two months later, he can identify all the capital letters, but we're still working on the lowercase. My friend Michele recommended the flash cards found on Baby Bumblebee's website and they're helped a lot.

Here's the proof. And now I'll stop bragging on him.


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Absolutely AMAZING!!!! HOLY COW!! I thought Aiden was a genius with the Alphabet, but I think Rock's got him beat by quite a few months!
I just thought: there is NO WAY that he knows all his letters!
But he really does have a big brain in that head of his! :)
And he says them SO CLEARLY, too!!!!

WOW! I'll be thrilled when I can get Clip to say something other than "mah" and grunt! :) ;)


Nurse Beglin said...

He's brilliant!

Elizabeth said...

Um, yeah. Pretty much you should brag as much as you want.

Christel said...

Rock may enjoy Geneva's favorite game "Marching Around the Alphabet" you lay all those letters you printed in a bit circle on the ground and put "Marching Around the Alphabet" by Hap Palmer on repeat (it's on iTunes) - I used a roll of clear shelf paper to "laminate" mine.

It's a great activity for them to burn some toddler energy and learn at the same time, and it's more fun with friends!

kristin harwood jamar said... 2 1/2 year old daughter can't even do that yet...does this mean that I get the bad mom of the year award?? you may have a genius on your hands...