Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday and Croup

Happy Birthday Belle! Last Saturday, we went to Belle's first birthday party.
There were lots of fun aunts and grandmas and friends there.
The birthday girl did an excellent job being adorable and getting her cake all over her face.
Although he looks happy here, when Rock awoke from his post-party nap, he freaked us out by not breathing very well.
Thankfully, Aunt Zuni was there to go with us to Nighttime Pediatrics.
Turns out it was the croup. The good news is, Rock grabbed his cell phone before we left the house so he didn't miss any calls. They gave him a steriod shot to calm down his lungs and sent us on our way. He's still recovering...any tips from experienced moms out there?


Christel said...

I just went through this not too long ago with Geneva.

I used a warm mist humidifier with a few drops of eucalyptus oil (to break the attack) we'd sit in a "tent" made by a bed sheet to capture the moist air. Her breathing would still be totally back to normal but well enough that she could sleep somewhat comfortably. I slept on her floor, just to be sure.

(my mom just used to sit with us in the bathroom with the shower running as hot as it would go to get it good and steamy).

Did the same thing the second night. By the third night she was basically fine (though I still slept on her floor).

Nurse Beglin said...

My papa says getting them out in the cold is a great quick fix.

Katie said...

Croup is pretty scary the first time you hear it, but it's not really too serious. Luke had it a week ago and Erin had it about a year ago. My pediatrician says no-no to warm mist humidifiers - too easy to breed bacteria. Cool mist are great and we use them in every bedroom all winter. Try to make sure they calm down because crying can make an attack worse. If you go to the doctor and they give you albuterol, use it carefully. It made my kids super-hyper - running around, throwing up, shaking. Not fun. I only used it if they were wheezing.