Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We were so excited when Carrie, Molly and Oliver invited us to the zoo. After watching the monkeys overhead...
And this elephant getting a bath... started to rain so we decided to watch the pandas in a covered area.
This gave Rock a chance to introduce Molly to the animal we brought with us to the zoo. That would be Brandon Bernard.
Rock really enjoyed playing with Molly.
So he gave her a kiss.
Which made things a little awkward.
When Molly and Oliver (wisely) choose to go home and avoid the rain, we explored the reptile house.
Rock loved walking alongside the different animals.
In the Small Mammal House, I found myself relaying many of the rhymes from the Sandra Boynton books. "But not the armadillo."
Rock, Brandon Bernard, and the meerkat taking a stroll together.

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Elizabeth said...

The post-kiss-awkward shot is well captured. Don't worry, Rock. We've all been there.