Friday, March 13, 2009

Brandon Bernard

Someone has a new best friend.
Papa John and Nana Kerry gave Rock this puppet for Christmas and he has enjoyed him from the beginning.
But lately, Brandon and Rock are inseparable.
Regarding the name, Papa John's Peoplemals (his collection of puppets) all have three names that start with the same letter, i.e. Hugo Horatio Hound. We thought it was fitting that Rock's puppet also have an alliterative name and since he is a Saint Bernard, we named him after our friend from Seminary, Brandon Bernard. We're still accepting submissions for his middle name.


Christel said...

I vote for Brandon Bucer Bernard...after Martin Bucer.

Since he's named after a friend from a reformed seminary, why not the name of a major leader in the German Reformation?

Bethany said...


Jogifi said...

Papa John's suggestion is "Barnabas," which means "son of encouragement," which Brandon seems to be to Rock and Rock is to his parents. His nickname then could be: "Brandy Barney Bernie" or "Bbbbbbbbbbb."