Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Week Apart

What a difference a week makes!
3/2/09: Rock's snow-covered car.
3/9/09: Pushing his car to the park.
3/2/09: Begging us to let him run free.
3/9/09: Running free.
3/2/09: Shoveling fun with Daddy.
3/2/09: Park fun with Daddy.
3/2/09: Frustration over not being able to use the real shovel.
3/9/09: Delight over crawling through the playground.
3/2/09: Eating snow from Mom's hand.
3/9/09: Running away from Mom's hands.
3/2/09: Sporting some Winter gear.
3/9/09: Sporting a Spring smile.
3/2/09: So cold the snot is flowing freely from Rock's nose.
3/9/09: So warm Rock can hardly believe it.
3/2/09: Cute shot of the boys.
3/9/09: Artsy shot of the girl.
3/2/09: An accidental camera run-in causes us to go inside early to tend Rock's busted lip.
3/9/09: A sweet boy keeps us at the park all morning long!


Lynn said...

Seriously, the weather around here has been c.r.a.z.y!!! I was glad to have ONE good snow...ya know, for the pictures and all, but this spring weather has been great! Cute post.

Bethany said...

AWWW, that was a sweet little group. Much better than the snot nose, seriously, I'm not gonna be able to get that outta my head.