Saturday, March 7, 2009

WWF Reunion

At Westminster Seminary California, where my husband got his Masters, they had monthly events for the women (students and wives) connected to the Seminary. These gatherings were known as the Westminster Women's Fellowship. Or as Carrie called it, WWF.
The other day we had a mini WWF reunion when Carrie, Megan and I all got together for a playdate.
This was especially fun because Elsie was there. She showed off her chewing skills...
While Oliver showed off his newest talent. Walking.
Then Rock showed off his ability to be weird.
My apologies to Molly. We forgot to get a group shot until after she was down for her nap. Appreciate how Elsie and Oliver are both chewing on their toys and how Rock looks so OLD in comparison to them.
When we put some cereal on the table to try and keep the younger two interested, Rock just elbowed them out of the way to grab the food first.
Sorry guys.

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Nurse Beglin said...

I'm glad you said we got together for a playdate and not we got the kids together for a playdate. It's as if they don't even matter. :)