Friday, April 3, 2009

Around Town

Now that Rock's a little older we've been spending some of our downtime exploring our nation's capital. Our most recent trip took us to the American History Museum, where Rock found each and every dog in the doll house (his mom's favorite part of the museum).
I also loved the exhibit on Abraham Lincoln.
Then Rock showed me his favorite part of the museum -- this random stairway down to a locked door.
Eventually, I convinced him to climb the stairs and find a new exhibit.
He tried to borrow this man's pen...
Then he proceeded to ignore most of the museums attractions while traversing back and forth over each ramp.
A shot for Grandma Cokie.
After he read up on the history of a few machines, we decided to go check out the fountain outside.
Rock found it so fascinating...
He couldn't look away for a family picture.
Then we did a quick drive-by to the Washington Monument...
...and the Cherry Blossoms.

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