Sunday, April 19, 2009

NYC Day Three

We started our day on Saturday at the hair salon.
The hair salon at American Girl Place that is. It was our first stop of the day and I stood mesmerized for many minutes watching these stylists transform each doll's natty, tangled locks into smooth, sweet hairstyles.
Upstairs I took a trip down memory lane at the Kirsten display...
while Susanna pined away after the Molly party dress she always wanted.
Annie was most sad over the fact that the Samantha doll is now 'retired.' This book was the only evidence she ever existed. C'mon AGP, you couldn't have even set up a memorial display?!
Downstairs again, we begged our moms to buy us a "Just Like You" doll that looked just like us but they refused. Sigh.
After another swing by Rockefeller Center, Christie's, and Tiffany & Co. (no pictures of the latter two) we headed to FAO Schwartz.
Here Susanna does her best Muppet impersonation in front of the Build-Your-Own-Muppet counter.
Later, she FREAKED out (okay, so we all got quite a bit excited) about the Sylvanians (aka Calico Critters) display. Annie, Susanna, and I all used to have some of these furry creatures living in our dollhouses.
The coolest display in FAO Schwartz was of life-size Harry Potter characters, Hermione, Hagrid, Ron and Harry.
We would like to know who stole Harry's glasses.
At The Plaza Hotel, Susanna did a great Eliose impersonation...
Then she led us back to our hotel...
Where we picked up our bags and headed home (after a brief stop for some yummy food near Susanna's alma mater, Barnard). All in all, it was a WONDERFUL trip and a FABULOUS break from the norm. Thank you Fix for letting me take a weekend away with the girls and thank you Papa John and Nana Kerry for watching Rock!

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Lynn said...

I'm finally catching up. What an AWESOME trip!!! Looks like SUCH fun.