Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NYC Day One

Last Thursday-Saturday, I had the distinct pleasure of traveling to NYC with my mom, my sister, my best friend Annie and her mom Judy. We started our trip by driving to Liberty State Park in New Jersey where we rode the ferry to Ellis Island.
Ellis Island is so old that it is still looks black and white.
Just kidding. It was SO COOL to see this historic place and learn the fascinating details of how many people came through this one place on their way to America. Although the main building has been restored...
Many of the island's structures remain in disrepair. The picture above is blurry because I took it through a window -- I pulled back one of the window covers that you aren't supposed to pull back to get it. Don't tell.
Thankfully three of my four traveling companions decided to wear shades of light green so I could spot them easily...
And they coordinated nicely with Lady Liberty.
Brockman ladies.
Rabenhorst ladies.
And don't worry, Annie took a bunch of the same pictures as me so you should see them on her blog sometime soon.
It was sunny and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue but the wind off of the water was FREEZING!
Thus we hung out in the gift shop while we waited for our ferry. Susanna was happy that her three brothers-in-law were there to hang out with her (in mint form).
After a LONG, SLOW drive into the city, we dropped off our bags and headed out to dinner at the famous Serendipity 3.
In case you hadn't noticed, I debuted my new Spring Shirt that I sewed for myself.
Our entrees were scrumptious and for dessert we had the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate (we opted for the version with Peanut Butter and it was AWESOME!).
And of course one giant dessert wouldn't do, we had to have the incredible Forbidden Broadway Sundae too. Delicious.


Fix said...

I don't see my name among the brother in laws...where's "Fix"?

Beck said...

GORG pics! I am heading to NYC to see my friend in a play in a few weeks so this post made me extra excited. Looks like a great time had by all, looking forward to more pics. =)

Julie said...

This is so fun! Keeping posting away! Makes me miss our own Gentino Ladies trip to NYC last year. I love that you guys went to Ellis Island ... have always wanted to do that.