Thursday, April 2, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

After the photography Learning Party, I took the boys to the park to practice taking pictures.
It was a sunny day so that made things a little easier.
But I quickly learned, it's going to take a LOT of practice.
I took many many pictures and these few are the best ones I got.
But Kim has given me hope...


Beck said...

These pics are amazing! I love the first one and the green slide one. You have a great eye! It was awesome learning along with you! xo

Kimberly Brooke said...

Rachel - i forgot to comment on these a while ago. I really think you did a great job. You were thinking outside the box!!! AND, if you feel this is only 10% of what you shot - remember, that is the best of the best - what you would want to show to anyone anyway. And our concept of an "acceptable" amount of good shots is skewed considering we shoot digitally and can fire off 1000 shots in one afternoon :)