Monday, April 13, 2009

He is Risen!

Happy Belated Easter everyone! We hope you all enjoyed your Sunday festivities.
We certainly had a lot of fun hosting an Easter dinner with Nana Kerry, Papa John, Aunt Susanna, Juju and Rocket.
After a delicious meal, Fix hid some eggs for Rock to find in the backyard.
You know you are spoiled when you have an audience of 7 adults watching you find eggs.
And what delicious treats were inside Rock's eggs? FINGER PUPPETS FROM IKEA!
(*** I did buy him one chocolate egg from Dylan's Candy Bar when I was in NYC (posts on that trip to come), but we left it wrapped in it's golden foil so Rock wouldn't eat it -- our meal was at 4:00 (post Rock's nap) so this hunt took place around 5:00 -- far too close to bedtime for caffeinated candy.***)
Rock was thrilled with this gift... and so were all the adults!
Fix is singing some song about a Moose, Goose and Elephant.
I think John was a little jealous that Rock gave Kerry two puppets.
Juju called this panda a 'doggie.' Between her and Fix, Rock is never going to be able to distinguish his animals.
After we got our fill of the puppets, Papa John and Rocket hid eggs for the adult children in the living room. Yes that is my egg directly under my nose (and the TV screen) that I was somehow unable to find. Susanna found all of hers in about 2 seconds....
And went back to play with Rock and Rocket.
And a special thanks to Grandma Juju for this achingly adorable outfit. Yes, the hat and pants are seersucker.


Bethany said...

Great last shot. Looks like he's walking off to take care of some important business!!! I think you'll have to give me a mini "I shoot my kids" course at the beach.

Katie said...

That is a very cute picture - achingly. Erin wore an Easter outfit from Juju, too. Is that what we're calling her now? So confusing.

Lynn said...

You know how I feel about Rock's Easter outfit.... ridiculously cute!!!