Monday, November 23, 2009

Adeline and Camille

We recently had the privilege of nannying for Rock's friends Adeline and Camille. I've watched the three of them together before. Usually, Rock and Adeline spend most of their time concentrating on the hate aspect of their love-hate relationship.
This time it was all love. They got along like peas and carrots. They shared a chair and read to each other.
They did puzzles together. They also sang together and played a lot of Ring Around the Rosies.
Then Camille, Adeline's sister woke up from her nap and the fun really began.
Rock really wanted to "cuddle in Camille's soft blanket." So I decided to try a photo shoot of the two of them, but Camille was more interested in Rock's cup than in flashing her priceless smile.
Even when Rock shot her the evil eye, she still kept up her pursuit.
She even tried to offer her pacifier as a trade.
He just laughed.
When Adeline tried to get in on the action...
Rock was done. Perhaps too much pink?
Still I got him to hug Camille. Then she was done.
Really done. So the photography ended and we moved on to more fun. Thanks again to Adeline, Camille and Rock for a delightful day of play!


Lynn said...

I love this post for so many reasons. I never worry a bit when my girls are with you...and Rock. It's always a great time for all (or at least most). You always have the step if needed. ;o)

Bethany said...

LOLOL, that picture of Rock between the two girls when he is "done" is priceless.

Deb said...

Such CUTE commentary of these funny little pictures! Lots of very expressive faces there :)