Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Story Hour

Rock and I love to go to Story Hour at Pottery Barn Kids. He gets a little card that they stamp each time we attend. Five stamps = $10 off our next PBK purchase. I don't want to ruin any surprises, so I'll just say that I may or may not have bought him a few Christmas gifts with the last two cards we filled out.
The best part about going last week, was that Fix came with us. I decided to take a picture where they both looked really awkward to document the event. After the tales were told, Rock introduced his dad to Stacie our favorite story lady.
Then we let Rock use up a bunch of energy at the playground. Here he is singing into the microphone. Also known as a mast.

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Jen said...

Very cute! We'll have to come some time. Elaina has recently discovered the joys of the Annapolis Mall kids play area. She loves the funky mirror. I just never have my camera!?! Believe it or not. Great shots, mom. You just need to get more with YOU in the picture.:0)