Saturday, November 7, 2009

Monkey George's Halloween.

You may or may not recall that last year Rock was a monkey for Halloween.
Since his costume was big last year (pictured above), I thought I'd try it on him again. When I brought it out a few weeks ago, he was incredibly thrilled and acted as though he had never seen it before. So it was settled. He was to be a monkey again this year.
But (mostly out of guilt for not making or buying him something) I wanted to make it a little different this time around. Thus, on Halloween night Rock was "Monkey George" (his name for Curious George) and his Daddy was "The Man in the Yellow Hat."
We gathered at the Osbornes to do a joint trick-or-treating trip with some friends. Although we didn't plan it, there were a lot of monkeys at this get-together. After a yummy dinner, and a bunch of awkward group shots, we headed out to collect candy!
Now there is a picture of a man who loves his son. I don't think that the real Man In the Yellow Hat wore Harley Davidson boots, but the costume was thrown together that afternoon.
In case you wanted to know, I was a blurry pregnant firefighter.
After walking just a few blocks Rock proclaimed "My pumpkin is SO FULL! I can hardly carry it!" Since a few of the other kids were already in meltdown mode, we headed back to the Osbornes...
Where most of the kids (and all of the adults) indulged in a piece of candy.
That night, as I was putting him to bed, Rock prayed "Dear God, Thank you that I say trick or treat and the ladies will bring me candy."


Susanna said...

Are those the famous yellow pants? I had been wondering if those were still in existence? For a hasty costume, looks pretty successful to me.

Lynn said...

I love that prayer. So sweet.

Isaac and Joanna said...

ADORABLE!! Stephen looks awesome with his curious monkey. We saw a lot of monkeys with bananas at the dog parade in Salem too.