Wednesday, July 7, 2010

General Assembly 2010

We kissed Rock goodbye, woke up early in the morning, braved fierce thunderstorms...
And a crying infant...To get to Nashville Tennessee in one day. Why? For General Assembly 2010!
We stayed at the Union Station Hotel which was a completely fabulous old train station (that's the lobby) that was converted into a fabulous new hotel!
Let me just tell you, we ate WELL while we were in Nashville. At Batter'd & Fried we had...
Delicious SUSHI! No, the name of the restaurant doesn't make sense to me either.
The name of this place was a little more obvious. We stopped there for breakfast before heading to the Assembly hall.
Louisa thought everything on the menu looked yummy...
But she fell asleep before the fantastically delicious sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon cream syrup arrived. Her loss.
You'll have to trust me that this picture was taken at General Assembly. Daddy was busy voting but we were strolling around having fun.
Did I mention that the food in Nashville is fabulous?
At Rotier's we had some yummy burgers.
And outside, I took my favorite picture of the trip.
Okay so we did more than just eat in Nashville.
We spent some good time on the floor at the meetings of General Assembly. See Dr. Coffin on the big screen?
Although she was the cutest baby on the floor, she wasn't always the quietest so we often left Daddy to vote while we roamed the halls. Here I think she's distressed because she sensed that Mom and Dad were about to lose Daddy's laptop. Yep, it was stolen!
We realized it the next morning as we were packing up. But by that point, it was gone baby gone.
We tried to cheer up by stopping at Loveless Cafe.
The one family shot we got - enjoying scrumptious biscuits and fried chicken!
That night we stopped at a hotel with a pool.
A perfect place for our water baby.
She puts the "Shin" in refreshing!
The next day we drove home to Maryland and Rock. Louisa was an excellent navigator.

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Susanna said...

Good, start training her early. Maybe she can be a champion swimmer just as Mom (apparently) always hoped I would be.