Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The week after our beach trip, we had VBS at church! This was the first year Rock could attend and he LOVED it. He loved the snacks. He loved the crafts. He loved the songs. He loved Mr. Hollidge's gospel presentation. He loved the games.
And most importantly, he loved the LADIES! First there was Miss Sophie...
And Miss Molly (left, above). But most importantly, there was, Miss Adeline! Rock couldn't believe his good fortune - five mornings in a row with his true love?! It was too much!
Fix and I had a blast watching Rock interact with the other kids. Oh and Fix was also co-director this year.
I was just a lowly Snack Helper. But it was a FUN position. I got to help make some really yummy snacks and hang out with Deb, Edie, Laurie and Mary. FUN! We did not make the cupcake racing trail above (for the closing program), but isn't it fabulous?!
I also enjoyed the week because I got some breaks from Louisa. Not that she isn't a delight, but carrying her around can really wear me out. Instead, she spent a lot of time in the arms of helpers like Grace, aka the Baby Whisperer.
Rock knocked our socks off at the closing program. Like I said, he really enjoyed the songs. He's got a head for lyrics that puts me to shame!
Speaking of heads, look at these matching 'dos!


Fix said...

I love that first picture! It's got so many of Rock's mates in it with him.

Lynn said...

It really was a fun week. Adeline loved it too....and you know she adores Rock. What's not to love?!?