Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WSC Reunion

We were so excited that Bryce and Lisa and Liam called us up when they came into town from Texas. We were more than happy to bring our crazy kids to have a mini WSC Reunion at Meiwah in Bethesda.
Front row (of kids) from left to right: Elsie, Benton, Baby Boy Waller (in utero), Liam, seriously distressed Louisa, and Rock the spazz
Back row (of moms) from left to right: Megan, Lisa, and Rachel
Front row: Benton, Elsie, Louisa (now calmed in Fix's arms), Rock, and Liam
Back row: Ted, Fix, and Bryce
For some reason, they put us in a far corner of the restaurant, far away from all the other patrons. Not sure why...
But I'm sure it had nothing to do with this spazz boy and our other children who were crying, screaming, laughing, running around the tables, clamoring at the windows and stuffing sugar packets into any crevice they could find.

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