Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Glen Echo

On the hottest day of all time, aka July 7th, we decided to go to Glen Echo to meet up with my friend Mindy and her kids and see a really cool puppet show. No, that is not Mindy in the picture. In fact, I didn't get one shot of Mindy or her adorable children...
Here's Rock (basically bald head at the bottom of the picture) and the hula dancing pig. Thankfully the puppet show was indoors so we got a break for the 104 degree heat.
The carousel was H.O.T. But Rock isn't crying because of the heat, he's sad because I stepped away from his side to take a picture.
Thankfully Renzo wasn't afraid of the carousel...

He helped Rock enjoying going up and down and round and round.
Meanwhile, Louisa passed out from a heat stroke fell asleep on Nana. Thank you Nana for meeting up with us (and not telling anyone how I lost my cool literally and figuratively while trying to get the diggity daggone stroller back into the trunk of Zuni's car) and thank you to Mindy for inviting us. Next time we go, hopefully it'll be cooler so I'll have the presence of mind to document your presence!

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