Friday, July 16, 2010


Just in case we weren't clear...Louisa Theo Fix was NOT named after:
Theo Huxtable. Although we do love Theo Huxtable.
Likewise, her name has nothing to do with Theo IT Services and Support. Although we are glad that they are "FIXing IT."
And she wasn't named after theo chocolate either. Although we do think their chocolate bars are YUMMY!
Louisa was named after Theo Follet, her great-great-grandmother who is pictured above on the left. Not sure who the other baby is, but we think Louisa takes after her great-great-grandmother in terms of her hairline and her chubby cheeks.
If she keeps taking after Theo Follett, perhaps this is a preview of her as a teenager. That's Theo on the right with her sister Joy.
But let's not rush into the whole teenager thing. For now, I'm happy to just enjoy our sweet baby girl. And some theo chocolate bars.

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