Thursday, July 1, 2010

His First Purchase

The 2.5 year old in our house recently asked to buy a piece of junk no-name plastic car from Target. Dad said "We don't have money for that today." Rock replied, "I have money."
We couldn't argue with that. He's had this Snoopy bank (from the Toths) since he was a wee lad and there was definitely some money in it.
So we went home and counted up his money. And talked about spending money on quality items you'd really love to have (i.e. not the cheap plastic car that started this discussion). And talked about how you always want to leave some money in your piggy bank as savings.
So Fix and Rock took half his money (which ended up being $11.52) and went to Target to make a wise purchase. Of course wise purchases are made on the Cars aisle.
Rock picked out Cannonball Mater (left above).And Fillmore.At the cash register, Rock paid for the items himself with his own money. This picture looks like he might be experiencing a little buyers remorse...
But it was only hunger. Which was satisfied with a tasty dinner at Chick-fil-A.

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