Thursday, January 24, 2008


The Sunday after Uncle Jason and Aunt Heather's wedding was a very exciting day for us. Rock Daniel Fix was baptized! Although he was asleep when Mike took him from my arms, he didn't cry and was back asleep by the time Mike gave him back to me.
We are so grateful to God for this beautiful gift and so glad that he is now baptized as a covenant child.
It was especially nice to have so many friends and family in town to share this big day with us. We had these dear ones over for lunch after the service. Rock (still in his baptism outfit from Grandma Cokie) and Caleb entertained the adults by kicking and playing on the floor.


Rohal Call said...

Hey, you have been a posting fool after your vacation from the blogging world.

Congratulations on Rock's baptism.

Thanks for your comment on my facebook wall. We are doing really well. You can check out my blog to see what we have been up to. Adeline is getting so big!

Robert said...

Should one congratulate the parents for a child's baptism, or congratulate the child for becoming part of the covenant? Not that a baby would understand a verbal congratulation....

And thus the serpentine argument of child baptism versus adult baptism raises its swaying and hypnotic head to entice us all down a path of divisiveness that has no place here on this blog, so I will end it as abruptly as I began it...

Congratulations Stephen and Rachel, for your beautiful child and his baptism!

Fix said...

LOL. I love the fact that you have such strong opinions on this issue, Berto. While I think there is correct answer to the question you raise, I'll leave you and other readers to figure out what it is. :)

(Hint: see pictures in this blog entry :))