Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy FIVE YEAR Anniversary!

For our FIVE YEAR (has it really been that long?) Anniversary, we decided to drink the bottle of wine that we had saved from our wedding on New Years Even 2002.
We were excited to see how our wine tasted after aging for five years. This was just one of the yummy wines we had specifically selected from our favorite wineries in the finger lakes of New York state.
I guess when the wine-people say that you shouldn't store your wine in a hot truck on a cross country trip from California to Maryland, they are right.
Thankfully we had some Chandon sparkling wine to pop open and put the celebrating back on track! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Here's to better wine storage in the next five years of our marriage!


Linds said...

I cannot believe it's been 5 years of marriage for you two already! Congratulations!!!

Robert said...

I still have an empty bottle of your wedding wine in my closet back at my family's home. Its a nice memento of a Fix/Brockman New Year's extravaganza.