Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jason and Heather's Rehearsal

Okay so if you've been paying attention to what I've written on this blog in the past few days, you may have noticed a theme among my holiday pictures. The theme I went for this year was "lack of pictures" (except of course in terms of Rock portraits). At Jason and Heather's Rehearsal and Wedding I took this new theme to an extreme. The picture above is the ONLY picture I got of the rehearsal (if you squint you can see Heather and Jason at the front of the beautiful church). I did not take ONE PICTURE (That's right, NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE) of the entire wedding day. Thankfully, other people were not preoccupied with their babies and I was able to get some pictures from others to post...
No, Rock did not dye his hair red for the wedding, that is Caleb on Uncle Jason's lap -- this was taken at the Rehearsal Dinner.

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Robert said...

Well, Rachel it may have been the only picture you took that night, but it is a beautiful one. It really captures the spirit of the physical space, and completely reminds me of the experience of being there that night.