Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fix Christmas

Here are some pictures from our Christmas celebration with the Fix family. Yes yes, I neglected to get a picture of Uncle Jason, (Aunt to be) Heather, Papa John, Nana Kerry, Aunt Susi, Uncle Joseph or myself. BUT I got pictures of the two cousins in their matching Christmas outfits.
We did not buy these outfits for Rock and Caleb to wear together. They were given by two different people to the two different boys. But how could we resist a matching outfit picture!
Cute Caleb
Sweet baby boy.
Okay so Rock and Caleb don't look so hot in this one but it's the best picture I got of the four of them.
Why does Aunt Elizabeth think it's funny for her son to push Rock around? And why does Rock's dad think it's funny too?
Someone is teething on his mom's face!

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Robert said...

With all those red and white lines, I can't help but remember "Where's Waldo?". Loved that stuff.