Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Very End of November

In honor of Fix's ordination, we made a cheese Bible in the style of the cheese football and cheese turkey.
Seeing as how he wasn't ordained this point, Fix thought you could preach from a cheese Bible... But we straightened him out after this sermon.
Molly was very interested in Rock's bouncer.
That same weekend we went to see THE WIZARD OF OZ -- starring Alexa (one of the gals in my Junior High Bible Study) as the Tin Man. Rock loved the play, but not how loudness of the Wizard. When the Wizard of Oz bellowed into the microphone, Rock burst into tears.
Ian was our favorite munchkin.Later on that night at the Colemans, Molly and Sophie had some girl-time.
Nick and Aiden
The California Coleman Ladies
Clip and Barb Sophie's not sure how she feels about recliners... or is it Mike?
Molly, blankets are not for eating.
Sophie I think you have a little hair in your face.
Happy parents.
Molly, Stephen, Fix and Rachel
This picture makes me laugh.
One of the pilgrim's from Rock's Thanksgiving Day Little People Mayflower ship. He wanted to grab her, but couldn't quite get his fingers to do the work...

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brett&susan said...

this is weird, strange & odd but...i was looking for a cupcake picture (on google) and found pic of you that lead me here...strange part- you look like you could be my sister (twin sister). i was freaked. yes, weird i just thought i had to pass my thought along. thanks, susan