Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Congrats Cory and Melissa!

This past weekend, we went to the Bloomberg/Snyder wedding and it was lovely!Let me start by saying that if you are looking for some professional flower girls and a ringbearer, call the Saladas.
They did a PERFECT job. Here's their mom Nancy looking on proudly with wedding coordinator, Lynn.
A sneak peek at the father of the bride before he escorted his daughter down the aisle.
Now, I should note that this was my first day back with my old camera and it took us a little while to get reacquainted. Here's Melissa's blurry trip up the aisle...
And a blurry trip back down the aisle with her new husband!
Let's move on to the reception where my photography skills got a little better. Lynn's mother put together some beautiful flower arrangements.
The amazing part is that the majority of these flowers were generous donations from the bride's friends' gardens.
We got to the reception early which gave Rock plenty of time to put on his shades and sample the yummy fruit bar.
When Melissa and Cory arrived, we all sat down to a scrumptious feast from Smokey Bones.
Needless to say, Rock was delighted that Mary was at our table.
The Saladas again.
Can you tell that Rock wants to be a part of their family?
The suspenders were cracking me up!
Crowd shot.
Cutting the cake. By the way, aren't the ivory suits on the guys pretty handsome?
Speaking of handsome, check out the emcee. He was SUPER CUTE -even with his just-back-from-vacation-beard!
It's a Western Pennsylvania (where the groom is from) tradition to have a cookie table at your wedding instead of one large cake for everyone to eat. The wedding cake cookies above were made by Missy and they were DIVINE. I only ate one, but I wanted to eat six.
Bouquet toss -- Amy caught it.
Prepping for the bubble-blowing farewell.
The crowd.
L.o.v.e. these shirts!
Tricia waving goodbye to her daughter. Thanks again Bloombergs for including us on your "big day!"


Nancy said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Lynn and I. You are super sneaky. Oh, and your Missy link goes to Smokey Bones. Thanks for meeting us at the pool! Whatcha doing next Wednesday?

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I got all emotional looking at those pictures of the reception and the couple leaving and driving away. In just few weeks, it will be EIGHT years ago that we celebrated and waved farewell and drove away from that same building!
What great memories!
I'm glad you posted that!

Lynn said...

I love the one of Neil in the window.

Linus with those! He looks like an adult.

It really was a fun day...

Deb said...

Cute pictures, Rachel!
I LOVE the one of Nancy & Lynn watching the 3 little Saladas :)
They really DID do a perfect job, didn't they??
And the one of Rock getting ready for the bubbles. He was pretty excited about that part, wasn't he?
And the one of Tricia watching them drive away is SO sweet.
It was a nice day...and I had fun with the extended "Rock visit" at our table! :)