Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Fellowship Gathering: Addy

My final post about the beach focuses on one of the main reasons I went -- to see my niece Addy!
She and Fix were so excited to see each other, they couldn't keep their eyes open.
And what makes Addy so cool? Well, she can hang with the older kids.
She is portable.
And she is sweet!
She is also quite fast. Which made taking a picture of she and Rock in their matching shorts (courtesy of Juju) rather difficult.
This was the one and only picture I got of the two of them sitting still (caught in the crossfires of two cameras!!) and it's awful. Good thing she's coming to visit soon -- that way we won't miss her too much and we'll get another chance at the matching shorts shot!


Katie said...

And my favorite part about Addy is her fuzzy hair!

Bethany said...

She's lightning fast! That was a sweet post, thanks!

Susanna said...

Ha! I hadn't seen those pics of her in the bag - super cute.