Monday, July 27, 2009

He is Exhausted

Rock has a really fun mix CD (made by our friend Christel). He listens to it every morning and has 'learned' a lot of praise songs, including "He is Exalted." But as this video shows, perhaps he has his father's (lack of??) talent for lyrics.


Jen said...

That is SO funny. He is Exhausted on High. I didn't connect your title at first. I figured Rock was tired from singing. Hahaha. That is too cute.

Elizabeth said...

That is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! Don't ever let anyone talk you into paying for DNA testing. This, combined with the physical features he shares with Stephen are more than sufficient proof of paternity. (Not that he doesn't share physical features with you, too, Rachel. But this singing thing is Stephen all the way back to his childhood, as I know you know.) Thanks for posting. I got a great guffaw out of it. and I will definitely be back to watch this one again and again...and again.

Deb said...

Are you going to sing or drink? DRINK!! Hahaha.
He is a very honest boy. :)

gavinsmom said...

That is adorable!