Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Fellowship Gathering: Beach

Even though the weather wasn't fabulous, we did get a few days on the beach.
And that was something both Rock and his mom could smile about!
Even with the cloud cover, the humidity made it rather sticky.
I heart chubby baby feet in the sand.
Kelly, Fix, and Nate = Some studly beachy men!
Grandparents and grandkids.
Rock and Rock really rock!
Does Aunt Bethany look like Aunt Zuni...
Or Aunt Zuni look like Aunt Bethany?
Just in case you can't tell, they made Nick into a merman. Good work Sophie, Copeland, Clip, Aiden and Jay!


Isaac and Joanna said...

The watering can in the first picture makes Stephen's studly beachy man look complete! =D

Lisa said...

It was so kind of Nick to offer up his own personal comfort for the sake of messy kid fun!

Isaac said...

I too heart chubby foot in sand