Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Fellowship Gathering: Eating

One of my favorite parts of the Fellowship week at the beach is the yummy food we get to eat.
Each of the families is responsible for one lunch or one dinner and it is always SO GOOD!
Just ask Annie. She had been looking forward to this homemade Whoopie Pie (by Pauline) for a LONG time!
Although Addy couldn't eat most of the food that was served, she did a good job of eating her own fare.

Here is an example of why you shouldn't ask your child to recreate a moment. He was ABSOLUTELY thrilled about eating watermelon (gets it from his dad) and we tried to take a video of him squealing about it. Oh well.
He was lucky 'cause we got to eat it twice that week.
He wasn't the only one who was excited about that.
The last night that we were there, the second generation went out to eat a yummy local seafood place called Gilligan's.
I tried to crop out Bethany's finger covered in seafood sauce, but I couldn't. At least now you know for sure that we were eating out... as this is a post on eating...

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Bethany said...

i love that picture of us (minus the weird finger), for catching me in the middle of eating, that came out really nice. I need a copy.