Wednesday, June 30, 2010


When Uncle Bob and Aunt Valeta were in town, I finally got my chance to go on Segway tour and wear a coveted pink helmet. If you'll recall, I was pregnant last Summer when everyone else went.

Juju also missed out on the last trip. We started the night by practicing in the alley next to the Segway Tour headquarters. That's Megan, our fearless tour guide.

She took this picture of us all in front of White House.

I took this picture while riding on my segway. Which was a scary thing to do.

By the time we got to the Lincoln Memorial, we were so tired, we had to lie down on it!

We were sweaty too but having a lot of fun!

Then we rode down the Mall to the Capitol Building. Where romance blossoms.

Since it was getting dark out...

We snagged one more picture and headed home.*

*Where a little baby girl was screaming her head off because she refused to take the bottle I left for her! A million thanks to Fix for enduring an hour+ of screaming so I could have three hours of segway fun!

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Bethany said...

Mom looks like she's scolding Megan.