Monday, October 4, 2010


Since she's sitting up now and she's over six months, we started Louisa on SOLID FOODS.
Isn't that bib precious? It was a sweet gift from Brenda McIntire. Louisa was interested in all of these little packages...
But we settled on squash for her to try first.
Although she liked the food, she was more interested in grabbing the spoon than in eating.
So we got out the Boon Squirt feeding spoon to finish up her meal. Which is one of the best baby inventions if you ask me. Just fill up the orange spoon handle with baby food, screw on the spoon part and squeeze. The food comes out through a little hole at the top of the spoon part and you never have to wrangle the spoon out of your babies hand to replenish. Genius.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, and you forgot to mention, because she has HAIR! Is it me, or does she have quite a bit more of it than Rock did at this age?

That is a beautiful bib. I think I'd have a hard time bringing myself to actually use it when food was involved. Also, I love how it covers ALL of her except her adorable little foot poking out. :) That picture makes me happy.

Katie said...

She is THE CUTEST. Seriously.