Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Festival

It's Fall, Y'all!
We welcomed this fabulous Fall season with the Coleman families at Patuxent Gardens.
Rock was totally stoked to ride a pony all by himself until a family in front of us tried to put their baby girl on one and she freaked out. He then decided that ponies are scary (even this sweetie named Princess) so we rode together. Not that I'm complaining about getting to ride, I just wish he was braver! He was equally traumatized by the moon bounce fun house.
On the other hand, the Fall-themed photo-op paintings were a big hit.**
While the kids explored, the dad's chatted.
Natalie tested her strength by holding Louisa for most of the morning.
And while her arms were full and Dave was distracted, my husband (in the background above) and I both documented her son Jack as he licked the picnic tables. Nicer friends would have stopped him, but we were too busy laughing.
After the scary horses and the trauma of the moon bounce, Rock decided to be a loner and read his Chick-Fil-A comic book by himself.
All the kids got to pick out a free pumpkin...
And most of them were sporting face paint by the time we left. It seems minor, but this was actually a feat of bravery for Rock. There was a time when he would have run from such a threatening scenario. So, if you are keeping track, that's no to solo pony rides or moon bounce houses, yes to photo-ops and face painting.
We finished the day back at the Fix casa, with a little t-ball for the kids (not pictured), Bocce ball for the grown-ups, and pizza for all! Good times.
**See the next post for more of these pictures!

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Elizabeth said...

LOVE the picture of Louisa studying her pumpkin.

And I think I would have joined the two of you in photographing the table licking. Good call.