Friday, October 15, 2010


On Saturday October 9th, we went to the Open House at the Bowie Fire Department around the corner from our house.
First stop was a Stop Drop and Roll station where Rock earned...
His own Fire Chief helmet!
Next stop? Why to see the Armadillo from Texas Roadhouse, of course! Rock gave him a very long hug and we got two free kids meal tokens! Awesome!
Oh and the Armadillo also gave him his own camera.
He got a lot of good shots after that.
Dad dug the fireman stickers...
But the highlight of the day was riding in the front seat of the fire engine! So fun! And yes I elbowed my husband out of the way and threw Louisa into his arms so I could ride with Rock. Sorry hon -- you can ride with him next year.
Another highlight was watching the firemen put out a real fire! Although we were a good 50 yards back, it was still REALLY hot!
If only they could have tapped in to the continual fountain of drool coming from this baby girl... that fire would have been out before it started!
Thank you Company 39 for putting together such a fun and informative event -- and for all the sacrifices you make for our safety!

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