Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Diaper Free = Dinoco Set

So I made a promise to my sister Zuni that I wouldn't post any potty training pictures of Rock sitting on the potty. But I must report that two days before he turned 3, Rock got serious about potty training.
And now, about a month later, I'd like to report with pride that Rock has (pretty much!) mastered the art of not needing a diaper.
As a motivation to get this boy to a diaper-free state, we made an Accident-Free Chart to track his progress. 5 Days with No Accidents = THE DINOCO SET!!!
Hard to describe the true elation he experienced upon opening this box!
And even harder to describe our pride in how far he's come! We are so proud of our little boy!


Susanna said...

Thank you for keeping your promise. And I am very proud of Rock, too!

Julie said...

that's crazy ... judah got serious 5 days before his b'day. and, he's obsessed with CARS right now! he's building his collection, and we just ordered 4 impossible-to-find ones from the disney store to be brought overseas for his christmas present. :)

Nick said...

I love how Clip has his underwear, or as he calls them "urrrwear," on backwards in that shot. We may have to offer a dinoco set to correct that behavior. But frankly, I don't mind if he hasn't mastered "the hole" in the underwear yet.
Way to go Rock on potty training!
Bribery for the win!