Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

Seems like just yesterday, I was holding a super chunky one month old baby boy in front of a large fake pumpkin.
Now the pumpkin outfit is gone and he's a big three year old boy and he can stand on his own in front of a large fake pumpkin!
This year we went back to Queen Anne Farm for a little pumpkin picking. I thought we weren't going to make it, but at the last minute, we were able to join the Rohals, Saladas and McGoverns on their visit to the farm.
Rock enjoyed seeing Zeke (left) and Zack (right) as much as he enjoyed the sheep (not pictured).
Perhaps the sheep are related to Fix?
And everyone had fun rolling down the hill by the sunflower field. But again, since we were late in joining the party, everyone else left shortly after we got there. Louisa, Rock and I stuck around to eat our lunch and explore a bit more.
This picture would be even cuter if her shirt didn't make her look like a linebacker.
I love how he helps her explore the world!
Louisa has mastered the art of "not-being-happy-unless-Mom's-holding-me."
So I took Rock's picture...
While holding Louisa close.Who needs friends when you've got a three year old to take your picture? Rock's getting pretty good!

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Sarah said...

Good pics, Louisa is such a knockout.