Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday Night with Zuni

On one of the last night's that Zuni was in town, we gathered with the Hathaways, Rabenhorsts, and Brockmans for a Monday Night Dinner.
After we ate, Sophie wanted to play with our American Girl dolls.
Of course we were happy to oblige and my mom brought out my Kirsten and Zuni's Molly from storage. And of course, all their accessories!
As always, it was a crazy night, but as the evening wound down, things got even crazier.
Appreciate that they both have their underwear on backwards.
Rock and Zuni made Louisa laugh...
And smile. Louisa loved meeting Zuni and we all enjoyed having her home for a few weeks. It's always hard to see her go back to London!

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Susanna said...

I was wondering when the underwear pics were going to make an appearance... Loving it.