Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Did you know that Papa John plays a mean harmonica?
While Caleb was here, Papa John surprised the boys with their very own harmonicas.
Caleb (who for the record has a harmonica at home in Seattle) was a natural. He and his Papa John played some fun tunes.
Rock on the other hand, spent the afternoon glaring at his harmonica. He couldn't quite figure it out and seemed a little annoyed that we all wanted him to put it up to his mouth and pretend it was hot food (blow on it).
Oh well. Caleb, you keep practicing and maybe next time you, Papa John and Rock can start your own harmonica band.

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Katie said...

They ARE fun! Erin got one in a band-in-a-box toy she got for Christmas. I finally gave it to her because I'm hoping they're finally healthy and she's been puffing away on it. I like it because it can sound good even when they don't really know how to play a tune on it.