Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last Monday, for a belated Valentine's Day celebration, Fix and I dropped Rock off with his parents and went out to lunch. In case you can't read the sign, the name of the restaurant is The Old Brogue and it is the scene of one of our first dates. We highly recommend the Guinness-battered Fish-n-Chips.
Fix is pretending to be an Old Brogue. Seeing as he's already 30, it's not that hard.
Then we headed down to the National Gallery and thoroughly enjoyed the light show in the tunnel connecting the East and West wings.
It's only going to be around for a limited time so get down there soon!
After exploring the museums, we went out to dinner at a restaurant fancy enough that I didn't feel comfortable taking a bunch of pictures. It was a nice break from the norm -- thank you Fix for planning a great day. I love you.


Elizabeth said...

Good job, Stephen. Way to celebrate your Valentine.

RB said...

Ahh... the Old Brogue.

Good times, good memories.

Lynn said...

So sweet....gotta love those evenings to get away (especially with free babysitting!).