Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cousin Caleb

We were SO happy that Cousin Caleb and his parents came to visit!
Okay, so when I say 'we' that doesn't necessarily include Rock. As you can tell from this half-smile, Rock wasn't feeling too great. He was/is teething and he wasn't sure what to make of another person his size running around vying for Nana and Papa's attention.
And then Caleb accidentally hit Rock with the remote. I snapped this picture the second after it happened (hence, Auntie H's hand reaching towards the 'weapon').
From then on, Rock kept his distance and refused to play with Caleb.
If he got too close, Rock came running to me...
Desperately crying "Up! Up! Up!"
We finally convinced them to hang out together and try on Uncle Jason's shoes.
Sorry Caleb. I think you caught Rock on a bad night. Those canine teeth can be a real pain. Literally.

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RB said...

Am I right that Uncle Jason is sporting a bit of facial hair again? If so... I heartily support such a move. Real men grow beards. :)