Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cronkhite Baby Shower!

Joanna is one of my bestest friends from back in the day when I spent a lot of time at youth group. Although she was not the first to introduce us, she was the first to suggest that Fix and I would make a great pair. Her husband Isaac is one of Fix's best friends so we try our best to stay in touch even though they are now living in Boston.
I was so glad that her niece Meg (and many other people not pictured here) threw her a kickin' shower here in Maryland so I could attend.
There was a fun game where we guessed and then learned all about Baby Cronkhite's genetic make-up. I lost (this and all the other games) miserably.
Then, while Joanna opened her awesome gifts...
I sat on the couch and caught up with Alisha and Anna (two more of my bestest friends from Wallace).
The shirt Alisha got for Baby Cronkhite reads "Beetles never go rollerskating without earmuffs." Love it.
Joanna and Isaac made these adorable and YUMMY cakes for the shower. First, we shower mommy...
Then Baby Cronkhite will enjoy the goodies.
Almost all of Joanna's sisters were in attendance, including Martha...
And Debbie. See the diaper cake in the background? I made that! See the rest of my gifts for Baby Cronkhite here.
Four out of the five of us (we missed you Annie!)... Although we look sweet, we caused a lot of mischief in our day.


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!! It is SO GOOD to see pictures of all of you together again!!! I just wish so much I could have been there too! :( I'm still bummed about it...but am hoping that maybe we'll have another chance this summer?!
I have SUCH fond memories of our time together in high school/youth group! Those were the days! :)
THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking pictures and posting them!

Isaac said...


Thank you so much for posting these! I never got a chance to post my shower pics before Zac was born. I'm just now reentering the blog world now that he's almost a month old and we're getting the hang of things. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thank you so much! =) ~Joanna