Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parks are Fun for Everyone!

After the harmonica jam session, we headed out to the park.
Here Fix and Nana Kerry swing Rock as Papa John rushes in to grab him.
When we got to the park, Rock did a little swinging with some help from Papa John.
And Fix did a little swinging too. No help from Papa John necessary.
Caleb and Nana Kerry checked out the scene. And now for some portrait shots:
Uncle Jason

Uncle JoeNana Kerry.
Nana Kerry and her favorite daughter in law who lives in Maryland.Papa John and the boys. Now back to the action.
Rock and I made use of the double slide.

While Fix and Jason competed to see who could get the highest pumping on their own (that is they started still and had to pump -- not pushing off the ground -- hard to get going). Jason won.
Three generations on the swings.
And what day in the park would be complete without a belly tickle from Uncle Joe?

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