Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is why we don't have better shots of the two of us...

Me: Fix, let's take a cute picture of just the two of us.
Fix: Okay boss.
Me: Fix! Your eyes are like slits! Open them up so you don't look so weird and tired.
Me: Fix! That's too wide!
Fix: Laughter
Fix: Is that better? (More laughter)
Me: UGH!
Fix: Rachel!
Me: I did it on purpose to show you how annoying it is when you mess up our good shots!
Fix: Laughter.
Me: See? Annoying, huh?
Fix: Finally!
Me (muttering under my breath): Yeah, finally. It's kinda blurry, your eyes are still a little too open and you are half-cropped out of the picture, but I give up. And we both need a tan.


Bethany said...


Anna said...

Thanks for the Christmas card--love it! Great blog, too. Hope you guys have a great 2009.
-Anna (Duncan's wife)

Elizabeth said...

I was there and I remember how Stephen-like he was being. I like how creatively you posted the pictures. And in spite of the goofiness, you guys are an adorable couple.