Friday, February 20, 2009

Sophia's Birthday

Sophia is 2!!!
As always, the Colemans celebrated in style. Here the birthday girl poses with her daddy.
Rock was very excited to see Ollie -- Sophia's dog.
We were excited that Ollie was on the other side of the glass door for most of the party.
This meant that Rock could focus on his first love, books....
And his second love, pushing things. He spent most of the party being anti-social and methodically pushing Sophia's shopping cart and carriage back and forth between the two rooms.
Here Molly and Sophia pose for a cousin shot. At least, this is what they thought I meant by "smile for a picture." Close enough.
Baby Annabelle was too cute!
Same goes for Sophia's cousin Oliver. Thanks again Dave and Natalie!
p.s. If you wanna see what I made Sophia for her birthday, check out my latest Design Fix post.

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