Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Drinks for Sale

Someone has set up a restaurant in our house and I can't recommend it highly enough!
Order whatever you want. Cookies! Salad! Hot dogs! Muffins! Quesadillas! Macaroni and Cheese! Tiramisu! Seltzer water! Apple Juice! Rock can make it all in record speed!
** Note: All food products served exist only in the imagination of those serving and eating them. Drinks are real, but available only in very limited quantities.**
My only complaint about this restaurant is that if the server spills one of the drinks, be aware that the customers have to clean up the mess.


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Very very cute! :)

Isaac said...

Since he is a Fix, how about expanding into the realm of barista, I could use a nice Americano.

fisherdm said...

I've been watching that show Mad Men, catching up on the 2nd season, and several of the scenes involve the kids serving as bartenders for their parents.

"Now sweety, remember, a Collins uses gin."

Let's keep ole Rockster on the N/A beverages. The 50s model didn't work out so well.

RB said...

I'm glad to have Rock join us in the Food Service Industry... if he ever needs a job in NYC, you have him call me.

sarah said...

I love this one, cute stand.