Thursday, September 24, 2009

Official Stats

We waited 2 hours to see the doctor for Rock's 2 year check-up. This made us all very sad.
Okay so it made Rock's parents very sad. Rock was excited to watch The Aristocats on the waiting room tv.
Rock's official stats are: 33 lbs. and 35" high.
Even though we had to wait forever to find out this information, we were all happy to hear that Rock is healthy and still above average in weight and height!


Elizabeth said...

So does this mean you got your camera fixed?

These pictures all made me smile. Did you have to prompt Rock to make the pouty lip? He does it well.

The one where he's holding Stephen's hand is pretty sweet.

Caleb weighed 32.6 lb. fully clothed with shoes last Friday when we were getting a cough checked out. And he actually fully cooperated with me to let me measure him a couple weeks ago and came in at just under 35.5 inches so they really are very close in size these days.

Julie said...

Two hours!? That is crazy.

Guess what: Rock and Judah had the exact same two-year stats! They are good-sized boys!

Susanna said...

I love that first picture. Perfect.

ChrisandMissy said...

I can't believe how much he weighs...he hides his weight so well. A muscle man. =)