Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Linus Turns Two!

We were so excited to be invited to Linus's birthday party - even though Linus was a little apprehensive that Rock might try to steal his gifts. If you wanna see what I made him, click here.
After Linus opened gifts, we all gathered in the dining room, anxiously awaiting the cake.
It was worth the wait. Not only did Nancy make a cake with the birthday-boy-requested-blue-tractor -- it tasted yummy too!
She also made Lynn's favorite yummy dessert Lemon Ice Cream Pie for Lynn (who shares Linus's birthday) and all the other adults. Perhaps it is a good thing my camera is now broken as I seem to only take the worst shots with it -- Sorry that this is so blurry Lynn!
Although the day was all about Linus, my favorite moment is brought to you by Violet. She avoided the extra step of making individual 'bites' of cake to eat, stabbed her piece with her fork, and ate the thing icing end first. Good work girl.

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Lynn said...

Hope your party went off without a hitch last Saturday. Sorry we missed the celebration.

ugh...broken camera AGAIN?!? That stinks.